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Where To Sell Unregistered Car In Sydney?

A car that hasn’t been registered or whose registration has already run out can be hard to sell. However, dealers aren’t likely to take unregistered cars as trade-ins and private buyers may be sceptical if you can’t show them an up-to-date registration certificate with a valid signature.

Are you worried about where to sell unregistered cars in Sydney? Don’t worry in this article we have described in detail. When your car is registered, it is easier to sell because only a few people want to buy an unsafe vehicle.

But a few places will buy your car even if it still needs to be registered as long as you can prove you have the right to sell it. They are either at a salvage auction or being sold to a reputable auto wrecker like WA Metals and Cash For Cars.

Sell Unregistered Car

Sell Unregistered Car

How to Find Out How Much Your Car Is Worth?

On the phone, WA Metals and Cash For Cars will ask you about the details of your car to help them give you a quote, when and where you can meet up, and if you can prove you own the vehicle. Then, you’ll be given an offer to buy, which you may be able to change.

Once you have agreed on the details over the phone, a car removal expert from WA Metals and Cash For Cars will meet you at your home or wherever you choose to meet and start evaluating your car to ensure you give an accurate description. Unfortunately, this takes little time and isn’t very in-depth. The person doing the evaluation wants to make sure that the car is the one that was agreed upon.

If everything sounds right, you can show the former owner’s signature on the car’s registration papers or the renewal notice if you never re-registered your car, proving you own the vehicle.

Lastly, the expert will give you a handful of cash or start an instant bank transfer, hook your car up to the tow truck, and take it away for free. Choosing a company like WA Metals and Cash For Cars makes it easy to sell your car. When you call, sometimes it can all be done on the same day. Please call 0423 772 606

Can I Sell Your Car That Is Not Registered?

It is easy to sell a car that has yet to be registered if you follow the proper steps and choose the right auto wrecker. If you need to decide whom to choose, try us. WA Metals and Cash For Cars has been around for a long time, and our performance and customer service are unbeatable. This has helped us become close friends. We are the best place to sell a car that hasn’t been registered because our service is reliable and easy to use.

WA Metals and Cash For Cars also offers free car removal. This means that when you sell your car, we’ll take it away for you, so you don’t have to bring it to our branch. Our professional team has much experience, so it will be easy for car owners to sell any car, no matter its make, model, age, condition, or odometer reading.

Will You Buy Any Vehicle Whether It Is Or Not Registered?

We get many calls for unregistered cars from people who need cash quickly but need more money to register their cars. The seller must show us a picture ID if the car needs to be registered. We are the best car buyers because we give you a fair price for your car. 

We offer the most cash and do all the paperwork for free. We give up to $9,999 cash for cars that aren’t registered, which is paid when we pick up the vehicle. You need not wait in long lines at the RMS to get the paperwork you need to sell your car when you use WA Metals and Cash For Cars. Instead, we bring all the legal paperwork that gives us responsibility for and ownership of the vehicle and take care of the DMV part of the deal.

When you call WA Metals and Cash For Cars to get rid of your old car, it stops being a burden and turns into quick cash. Even faster is getting a quote for cash on your vehicle that needs to be registered. So you call us or talk to us here on the website. Call us today if you want to sell a car that must be registered.

Free Removal Of Unregistered Cars

WA Metals and Cash For Cars takes unregistered cars for free when they buy an unregistered vehicle. 

Our car removal specialists:

  • Schedule car pick-ups at times that are convenient for our customers.
  • Work 24 hours a day and serve all of Sydney’s suburbs.
  • Remove all sizes of loads, including fleets of company cars and car collections.
  • We pick up cars 24 hours a day and can remove vehicles from any Sydney suburb on the same day.
Reach Out to Us Today

Call WA Metals and Cash For Cars at the number below to get cash for cars that need to be registered. We take care of getting rid of unwanted vehicles and pay good money for them.

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