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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to provide to sell my car to you?

We will need a valid photo ID proof (driver’s license or other state-issued picture ID), title of the vehicle and registration papers.

How much will you pay for a used car?

We will need the details of the vehicle for sale in order to be able to provide you with an accurate quote. Rest assured, our appraisers are highly experienced and provide fair and honest quotes for vehicles solely based on their condition.

Do I have to bring the car to your yard?

Not at all. One of the perks of selling your car to us is that we offer Free Car Towing! So, you can simply book your free car removal and our staff will come to load and tow away your vehicle. Alternatively, if you prefer to bring the car to us instead, that’s fine too.

I have more than one car to sell. Is that okay?

Absolutely. We have the resources to handle multiple vehicles, so don’t worry about it. Just let us know how many vehicles you’ve got and we’ll come prepared.

How will payment be made?

Payment will be made via cash, bank transfer or by cheque, whichever you prefer.