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Many people delight in having the most excellent vehicles in their garage, and having the best cars in your garage may also define your sense of style. A car eventually outlives its usefulness, regardless of how expensive or well-customized it is, and you must dispose of it by selling it or dumping it in a scrap yard. It can be stressful to dispose of them; for this reason, WA Metals and Cash For Cars is here to assist you and provide you with an instant cash for car offers in Perth.


Cash For Cars Perth Cash For Cars
Thanks to our substantial experience, we'll remove it professionally and efficiently while paying you the most offered cash for cars, worth up to $9999.
Cash For Unwanted Car Removals Perth Unwanted Car removals
Perth unwanted car removal service is efficient, swift, and safe. Your junk car will be hauled away by us in a moral, efficient, and long-lasting manner.
Top Cash for Truck Utes Perth Cash for Truck / Utes
WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth can make payment and arrangements for collecting your junk Truck/UTEs at no additional cost to the client.


The skilled auto recyclers at WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth are committed to helping you get the most value out of it. Since we have been in the car recycling and car removals business for a long, we are qualified and well-known to handle any of your old or damaged automobiles while providing you with the lowest price you can find anywhere. 

WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth has continued to grow its clientele by delivering openness, high-quality services, and quick transactions. When you rely upon us and hire us, you can trust that we will use our skills to recycle your car and turn it into valuable products.

For more information regarding returning the number plate visit WA.GOV.AU

To get a free quote, call us now on 0423 772 606 or submit an “online inquiry” to get a quote.

Enjoy The Benefits While You Choose Us!

Our crew of skilled auto recyclers has years of experience and has worked with nearly every vehicle. We can examine the scene of the damage and determine the vehicle's suggested worth with just a phone call or email to us. We provide reasonable pricing, complete transparency, effective client service, and objectivity. Entrusting your car to us is a big responsibility, and we promise to respect that choice. Every car component is recycled and disposed of properly to avoid harming the environment. WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth has a dependable buyer for it. For up to $9999 for your car.

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    What documents do I need to provide to sell my car to you?
    We will need a valid photo ID proof (driver’s license or other state-issued picture ID), title of the vehicle and registration papers....
    Call us now at: 0423 772 606 or submit an “online inquiry” to get a quote.
    How much will you pay for a used car?
    We will need the details of the vehicle for sale in order to be able to provide you with an accurate quote. Rest assured, our appraisers are highly experienced and provide fair and honest quotes for vehicles solely based on their condition....
    Call us now at: 0423 772 606 or submit an “online inquiry” to get a quote.
    Do I have to bring the car to your yard?
    Not at all. One of the perks of selling your car to us is that we offer Free Car Towing! So, you can simply book your free car removal and our staff will come to load and tow away your vehicle. Alternatively, if you prefer to bring the car to us instead, that’s fine too....
    Call us now at: 0423 772 606 or submit an “online inquiry” to get a quote.
    I have more than one car to sell. Is that okay?
    Absolutely. We have the resources to handle multiple vehicles, so don’t worry about it. Just let us know how many vehicles you’ve got and we’ll come prepared....
    Call us now at: 0423 772 606 or submit an “online inquiry” to get a quote.
    Mike Rombauts

    If you want a quick and easy sale, these guys are the ones to call. They’re very professional and gave me a great deal for my old truck. Will be back for sure when it’s time to sell my other truck.

    Mike Rombauts
    Customer Reviews
    Mike Rombauts
    Allan Simmons

    Great communication, quick and punctual service and friendly staff, what more can you ask? I’m happy with the offer I received and impressed with their work ethic. You can tell that they really value their customers.

    Allan Simmons
    Customer Reviews
    Allan Simmons