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What Does Scrap Metal Consist Of?

Scrap metal encompasses various materials, including but not limited to aluminium, copper, steel, and brass. It also includes any products that contain steel and can be recycled. Some scrap metal pickup companies, like ours, even purchase unwanted cars, bikes, components, and electronic products. These scrap metals hold a significant market value due to their ability to be reused repeatedly, promoting a sustainable approach.

Locating Scrap Metal Recycling Services Near Me

At WA Metals and Cash For Cars, we take scrap metal recycling seriously. Our reputation is built on reliability, excellent customer service, and our commitment to environmental preservation. If you want to dispose of scrap metal in Perth, we can provide you with the proper guidance, a simple booking process, and flexible service times tailored to your busy schedule. A quick search for “metal recycling near me” will yield numerous companies competing for your a’ttention, but only we can deliver precisely what you need: efficient scrap metal pickup in Perth at a fair price.

Scrap Metal Recycling

We Offer Top Scrap Metal Prices

WA Metals and Cash For Cars is a renowned logistics provider and collections agent specializing in metals and scrap collections, recovery, and recycling throughout Perth. Our exclusive arrangement enables us to offer secure, dependable, and sustainable management of all types of scrap metal. In addition, we handle the entire recovery process, including efficient collection, meticulous processing, and effective distribution for selling ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. Furthermore, we offer the most reasonable pricing for your scrap metal.

Our Services Cater To Various Needs:

  1. Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling: WA Metals and Cash For Cars offers a wide selection of bin types and sizes tailored to suit your commercial requirements. We are committed to providing efficient and friendly service to businesses, ensuring you receive the appropriate bin.
  2. Mining, Farm, and Property Clean-ups: With our fully mobile metal demolition and recovery team, WA Metals and Cash For Cars is capable of assisting with the clearance of farms and rural properties, including the removal of old vehicles, farm machinery, and tools. Our expertise ensures a thorough and prompt clean-up process.
  3. Household Services: Our fleet of trucks is equipped to handle a range of items from households, such as old car/truck batteries, weight sets, trailers, old trampolines, bikes, and more. Count on us for convenient and reliable metal and scrap collection and recycling services.

Contact our helpful customer service team for metal and scrap collection and recycling. In addition, we can provide complete solutions.

Distinguishing Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metals Before reusing steel, it’s essential to determine whether it is ferrous or non-ferrous. This can be quickly done with a magnet. It is ferrous steel if the magnet attaches to it. If the metal doesn’t attract interest, it is non-ferrous steel. Why is this distinction important? Non-ferrous metals are precious for scrap metal recycling in Perth. They typically do not contain iron and are more resistant to corrosion.

Non-ferrous metals include copper, brass, aluminium, zinc, magnesium, tin, lead, and nickel. Brass, in particular, is highly sought after due to its density, which increases its value. Aluminum is another commonly recycled metal that finds versatile applications. It can be found in empty beverage and food cans, guttering, siding, and door and window frames. Recycling aluminium saves 80% of the energy used in its initial production.

Although less valuable, ferrous metals can still be recycled for some worth. These include metals like steel and iron in various items such as cars, chairs, cabinets, and shelving. Copper is another valuable metal, with its value dependent on its condition. Red copper indicates good condition, while darker brown copper fixtures may show signs of wear. Copper is commonly used in plumbing pipes, roofing materials, electrical wires, and cooling systems.

What We Buy?


  • Ferrous metals
  • Non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Lead
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze

Specific items or categories:

  • Iron
  • Household appliances
  • Batteries
  • Insulated cables
  • Electric motors and transformers
  • Radiators
  • Metal wires
  • Industrial machinery

Trusted Scrap Metal Buyers and Pickup Service in Perth

Regarding metal recycling in Perth, trust WA Metals and Cash For Cars. We offer $50.00 for scrap metal recycling needs and provide the best prices across Perth. We have you covered, whether it’s scrap metal removal, car removals, demolition clean-up, construction rubbish removal, or cash for cars in Perth. You’ll be surprised at the amount of scrap metal lying unused around your home, from old computers, laptops, and mobile phones to unwanted BBQs and non-functioning cars. We provide skip and scrap metal hook bins for your convenience, ensuring prompt pickup times suit your schedule. In addition, our extensive scrap metal yard is easily accessible, and we offer 40FT containers to accommodate all your recycling needs, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

Contact WA Metals and Cash For Cars in Perth for all your scrap metal needs. We buy and recycle many items, including copper, aluminium, steel, brass, car parts, and e-scrap, such as mobile phones, computers, circuit boards, processors, and memory chips. Furthermore, we guarantee the finest scrap metal pickup costs in Perth, making it simple and economical for you to dispose of unwanted goods while protecting the environment. 

Our experienced buyers are ready to offer competitive pricing for scrap metal removal in Perth, ensuring you contribute to a greener planet and earn extra cash for your efforts. When you search for metal recycling in Perth online, you’ll see why we are the top choice for scrap metal removal in the area. As an Australian-owned and operated scrap metal dealer, we have decades of industry experience. Our WA Metals and Cash For Cars professionals can always assist and advise.

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At WA Metals and Cash For Cars, we pride ourselves on being the recycling experts who can handle any scrap metal, regardless of size or condition. Our dedicated team ensures our clients receive the maximum value for scrap metal recycling. With their expertise, they consider every aspect of the process, guaranteeing the best possible returns.

Our streamlined process is designed to be hassle-free. All you need to do is contact us at 0423 772 606  or info@wascrapcarremoval.com.au. Our team will gather the necessary details and promptly arrive at your location for pickup, offering instant cash payments. We pay you on the spot before towing away your scrap metal. It’s a straightforward and convenient process.

With our reliable services and commitment to providing value for scrap metal, you can trust WA Metals and Cash For Cars to handle your recycling needs efficiently. Contact us today to experience our hassle-free and rewarding scrap metal recycling service.

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